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Energy Work




Services for You

Whether you are learning to love and appreciate yourself, clearing years or generations of emotional or energetic baggage, or you are learning to master your thoughts and learning to create a new and joyous life, You have optons.


Mindfulness & Self-Image Personal Coaching

Everyone needs help from time to time.
Find the joy and peace you are searching for
by learning how to correct your thought patterns and your self-image.


Intuitive Energy Work, Emotional Release, Chakra Balancing, & Reiki Services

Get to the root of the of your emotional experiences that keep getting triggered, your physical ailments that aren't responding to traditional therapies, or self sabotage getting in the way of the things you really want and just can't seem to no matter how much you try to "change".


Free Stuff: Education &
Self-Help Tools

Learn techniques and information you can apply on your own to help your healing process for yourself. Books, Webinars, Videos,
and a variety of materials to help you.

Start Your Healing Journey Today

Do you need someone to walk with you on your healing journey?  
Do you want to learn how to do your own healing work?
Maybe you prefer a combination of the two? 
Whether you’re just beginning or you are well on your way,
there is something here for you!


$50 - $75

60 - 90 minutes


$2.50 - $25


Paige is a wonderful intuitive! I have used her for my family’s personal energy work and emotional healing. I also send my friends to Paige. She is non-judgmental, open, kind, loving and is good at creating a safe space. She has a thirst for knowledge and for helping people. If you are looking for a place to start healing, or just something a little different, Paige has a way of going as deep as you need. She is very dedicated and has helped me, my children and friends in more ways than I can ever repay.”


Jessica B.