I love the work I do!!

Over the past several years I’ve worked hard and never given up on doing my own work in healing myself, learning how to love myself, reclaiming my personal power, and creating a joyous life.  That makes me better at helping you. 

The work we do together, and the work you do for yourself, is worth the time and effort. You are worth being well!

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Meet Paige: Energy & Emotional Intuitive

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I love spending time in nature – be it playing in the river, camping amongst the pine trees and evergreens, or tending to my garden or walking through our small orchard.  Being in nature calms my mind, infuses joy and peace into my soul, and helps me reset when my life starts getting a little too chaotic.  

I also love spending my time cooking, especially creating new recipes or figuring out how to recreate a restaurant favorite! 
I also enjoy listening to nerdy lectures, sewing, and taking in a good story!  While I don’t get many opportunities to read books of late, I do love listening to audio books and taking in a well made movie.   


I love music of all kinds!  I especially love pieces that are created with soul, I can feel a depth to them that rings in my whole being and echos through my soul.  There are songs that are “timeless” to me because of that quality, that they bring me into the present moment to just be in and experience the rawness of the creation.

I have a similar deeply visceral experience with certain very specific aromas, such as:
– Coffee
– Toast
– Oranges
Whenever I catch a whiff of these aromas in the air, I very literally have to stop in my tracks, close my eyes, and take in a deep breath and be IN the experience, if only momentarily.  
I’m not even a coffee drinker (for reasons I won’t go into), but I absolutely love the smell and taste.  I’m glad I have a good toasted chicory root & dandelion root substitute that helps me when I’m really craving the bitterness of a good cup of coffee!

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But most of all, I love spending time with my family and dear friends.  I love to be with them, hear their laughs, see their smiles, share their tears, and join in creating memories together.  Whether it’s my husband and son, my parents and siblings, my in-laws, or the many dear friends I have made in this life, I love being with them and having fun together, even if it’s just a short visit and a hug.   

My Healing Journey

I suffered from chronic migraines for 35 years. Ten years ago my body completely crashed I found myself diagnosed with Hashimotos. I was completely non-functional, an absolute and complete wreck.  About 7 yrs ago I received a Christmas gift from a  Dear friend. It was a book on energy healing. Honestly I was blown away. I had never even heard of anything about Reiki before. As I began to study, all the pieces started to fall into place. I began to understand how to put myself back together with Reiki and am now a certified practitioner. I am so humbly thankful and grateful because now I am able to mitigate the migraines, revive from the exhaustion, and I am now living a much healthier & happier life. I’m so very Blessed. I now look forward to Helping others find their Healing Path.

Meet Heather: Reiki Practitioner & Intuitive

My Story

My journey in healing my own life and helping others on their healing journey has it’s beginnings as far back as January 7, 1997. I had just given birth to my first child and knew as I recovered under the tender sweet care of the nurses that I had a calling in helping people heal. At the time I thought it might have something to do with obstetrics or nursing, and a few short years later I thought it might have something to do with Psychology or counseling.

Yet after considering each of those, and even some general studying in those fields, I knew the path I had been on had been in the correct general direction, but my destination was not in either of those fields. I was impressed that it was time to take a break from my formal education, and in doing so had a period of independent study that was the awakening of my healing journey and learning the skills and techniques that would bring me peace, hope, and joy back to my life for the first time in a very long time. I had spent far too many years hurting, and my hurting was not just making my own existence painful, it was wounding others, especially the people I loved most.

I was deeply aware that I was lost from myself, I was not “me” anymore, and I yearned desperately to have myself back. I deeply wanted to feel alive and healthy again, to be at peace. Step by step I found answers and understanding, and after several years of ‘swimming in deep waters’ and immersing myself with the tools that I was led to and helped by, I have felt consistent nudges, the encouragement of the Divine,  and of those I respect in the field of energy work, to share my light and gifts with those who are brought into my influence.

I’m still making progress in healing my own life, but I have truly found myself again.  I am filled with joy, hope, confidence, peace of mind, and peace of heart.  There are days when I consider where I was compared to where I am now and realize the miracle it is that I am still here, and better yet, that my life is such a stark contrast to what it once was and getting better every day!  

Those were dark days, very dark. They were heavy and hopeless. Today those dark days are a memory. I feel the sunshine within my soul, a sparkle in my life, and the peace I knew existed but had become so elusive is a constant.  Not every day is perfect, there are challenges and growing, and even additional healing of old patterns that die hard, but even the occasional challenging days are good days by comparison.

I’m honored and excited to assist you in your own journey in whatever way I can, because it’s time for all of us to ‘Be Well’.