What is Energy Work?

Energy work, also known as Energy Healing, is working with various energetic systems of the body to release physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional imbalances that influence various aspects of the life you live and day to day experiences.

Everything that exists, at its most basic form, is a system of energy. The earth and every planet, every animal, creature, tree and plant, and every human being.

The state of the energy systems that make up the energy-body greatly influences the growth, health, and wellbeing of the individual to which it belongs. When the energy is balanced and clear, the emotional, mental, and physical state of being reflect that balance and and wellness.  But when the energy is out of balance, the emotional, mental, and physical states are negatively affected. When those states remain out of balance long term, they can trigger or contribute to pain, or illness, and various states of “dis-ease”.

What kinds of things cause the energy of the body to become out of balance?  Physical trauma, emotional trauma, inherited energies passed through the generations of a family line, subconscious beliefs, societal beliefs and customs, and unquestioned or unconscious thoughts just to name a few.  All these things, at their core, are a vibration of energy that influences your physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional experiences, for better or for worse.





Mindfulness & Self-Image Coaching

Everyone needs help from time to time.  For as long as I can remember I have naturally been one to encourage, inspire, seek answers, and empower others. I love learning, and I love teaching.  As I have found healing and hope in my own life, I have watched others and felt the deepest desires for their healing and happiness too.  It was such a transformation in my own life to go from feeling empty and lost, (in spite of having a pretty wonderful life that at the time felt dark and painful), to rediscovering myself and feeling so much joy and happiness and actually being able to appreciate and love the wonderful life I have. I’m so grateful for the teachers and people that coached and taught me along the way.  

Now it’s my turn to help you recapture the joy and peace you are searching for.  The very fact that you are reading this sentence, speaks volumes, that you believe it’s possible, if only with a half-hearted hope. Sometimes the help you need is learning new concepts and ideas.  Sometimes it’s pointing out where you keep yourself stuck and how to make adjustments that work for you.  Sometimes it’s correcting false perceptions, correcting subconscious beliefs and thought patterns, and adjusting self-image.  Sometimes it’s teaching you how to access your own personal wisdom and power.  Sometimes it’s simply cheering you on where you’ve got it right but you are still questioning yourself and your inner wisdom.

I’ve been broken and I found restoration and joy.  I still do my own work as I continue to grow, and I love helping others and watching as they blossom before my eyes.  It’s okay if it takes a lot of tears and learning to get there.  It’s like learning to walk all over again.  It’s worth every effort and every stumble, because once you have addressed your thinking and your self-image, the whole world is at your feet and you are free to explore it, enjoy it, to live it, and to love it.

Intuitive Energy Work & Emotional Release

Over the past several years I have learned various energy work modalities, emotional healing methods, and learned to trust the gifts and abilities that I began to better understand and develop since 2010, I have had a great deal of understanding and information unfold to me of how to work with the energy systems of the body and release repressed, unexpressed, and absorbed emotional energy.  Putting that knowledge into practice over the years, I have had several experiences that have expanded my ability to help myself and assist others.

My main gifts are Claircognizance (suddenly know something, like a download of information, which I have a history of from even my earliest childhood), Clairvoyance, (receiving information via mental images through the mind’s eye), and Clairempathy (the awareness or perception of emotional energy). Occasionally Clairsentience comes into my experience (obtaining intuitive insight by way of a physical experience in the body).

I am always amazed at how employing Intuitive Energy Work & Emotional Release expands my love and compassion for humanity, and I am incredibly grateful to be able to share this truly amazing work with the world. 

I’m ready when you are.

OUTSTANDING WORK. I can not believe how amazing the work done I got was by this healer. I am pregnant for the 3rd time, I was puking more than I did with both of my other 2 pregnancies combined. I got my healing done around my 7th week of pregnancy and I swear it has been a miracle. I haven’t puked since and my nausea has been barely existent. 


Moriah B.