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A great deal of my own healing journey came through the following resources. Books by authors such as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, and Carol Tuttle were foundational. Also, a wonderful series presented by Steven Horne, available on his YouTube channel, echoes several of my experiences over the years.

There is a great deal you can do for yourself. I wish you all the best in your own healing journey.

*I do not receive any compensation for any recommendations I make on my website.

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Be Well Energy Work Videos

Fundamentals of Mindfulness Series

Mindfulness is not automatic. Learn and apply these simple, but not always easy, steps to become master of your mind, and harness your mind to heal your life and create a life of peace, joy, and more presence.

5 Minute Daily Self-Care

You may think you don’t have the time, money, or energy for self care.  I have put together this series to inspire you and encourage you with what you can do in only 5 minutes a day.  

Healing Tools For
Feeling Good

It’s important to “feel our feelings”. They have a purpose, so understanding what our feelings are telling us is important.  That said, you may know what your feelings are telling you and you are having a difficult time getting back into “feeling good”. 

Here I offer a few options help you move through the emotion and back into a peacefulness or even joyfulness.

Re-Thinking Your Thinking

Healing your thinking is the FIRST step in healing all other aspects of your life.  Becoming a “Master of Your Mind” shifts  your relationships, your experiences, your emotional state, and everything you think about, which is your entire life!  Empower yourself by mastering your mind and healing your thinking.

Fixing Your Finances

Money.  We have so many beliefs about money and finances, and most of them tend to be negative. Our earliest memories have ideas and opinions about money that we accepted as truth and they became our beliefs and now affect our financial well-being, or financial struggle. 

Resetting Your Self-Image

Self Image is more than just a reflection from the mirror or comments from people.  It’s the image and beliefs you hold about yourself, often based on false perceptions and beliefs active in the subconscious.  We seek to deny the negative subconscious beliefs and affirm positive desired conscious  images with our external world, but it never works for long because the image we hold is within. Anything positive that does not match what we hold within we reject, dismiss,  and sabotage, accepting instead the thing that matches the internal image, even if it’s untrue and hurts.  

Come learn some ways to help heal your self-image, taking off those dark colored glasses that taint the truth of the unique and irreplaceable you. 

Addressing Your Issues with Weight

Weight is not the “calories in, calories out” we have come to associate with the increase or reduction of weight. Yes, you can have success with the traditional dieting and exercise, but have you noticed most people don’t keep the weight off?  Or even in spite of good diet and exercise, it never seems to want to come off.  I used to be baffled by it until I understood that our physical weight is very much a reflection and manifestation of what’s going on internally, not just externally.

Internal Environment, Emotional Baggage, and Toxins of all kinds (environmental, relationship, thoughts, just to name a few) are just a handful of things that affect “weight”. 

Join me on my own personal journey and learn about the factors that may be contributing to your issues with weight.


The Compromised Aura - How To Fix It

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Your aura is a wonderful protection and benefit to you, as long as it’s functioning correctly.  
Learn how the aura can become compromised and how you can strengthen and re-train it to be the protection for you it is meant to be!

Free Emotional Release Session

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In response to all the stress and concerns about the Covid-19 pandemic, I have released this free group session for you to use as often as you life to help restore calm and peace into your life.   This Emotional Release Session can also be used during any stressful or challenging time  you may be experiencing.

Melting Emotions

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Stuffing emotions, for whatever reason, is more harmful than helpful.  Use this technique to help emotion process and release from the body.

Other Resources I Recommend

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The Work of Byron Katie

The Byron Katie Method, known simply as “The Work”,  is a process to identify and examine the thoughts that trigger you emotionally.

Everything you need to be able to do The Work is available for free on Byron Katie’s website.

There are also numerous free videos available to help you understand The Work and it’s process by doing a quick search on YouTube for “Byron Katie”. (She also has several posted videos on her FaceBook page.)

I have personally worked with this process many, many times over the years and found great relief and insights.

EFT Tapping

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a form or psychological-energy acupressure that involves using the tips of the fingers to lightly tap on the ends of meridian points on the face, hands, and body while working though emotional or physical discomforts and thought processes. The first time I heard about EFT I thought it was rather silly, but then I experienced it for myself. I was in a complete panic borderlining hysterical.

I was taken through three rounds of tapping, a total of 15 minutes, which took my suffering and emotions from a 10 to a 0, never to surface again. I’ve since used it many times.

Whether it’s physical pain, emotional turmoil, or just being “stuck” in your life, EFT may hold the key to your freedom. There are many books and videos on YouTube available. Tapping Solution is a favorite of mine.

The Emotion Code

Developed by Bradley Nelson DC, The Emotion Code releases trapped emotional energies that are often connected with physical ailments, relationship issues, and personal difficulties.

From the very beginning of applying this method of self-help healing, my experiences have been profound.  I have personally healed both emotional and physical ailments.  Some issues have been more stubborn than others, but there has always been some degree of immediate relief, even if some issues require deeper work.

*I am not a certified Emotion Code Practitioner, I do not represent myself as such, nor do I represent Dr. Bradley Nelson or Discover Health in any way.

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