Energy Work & Dealing with Toxins

Tractor Spraying Herbicides on Field Agriculture

For a long time now, I’ve wondered how it is that energy work has been able to help remove physical toxins from the body without requiring some form of physical detox protocol. (Although let me say that sometimes the body DOES want a physical detox protocol.)
Today, the answer came as I worked on a client with a significant toxic overload from various sources.

I asked the question, knowing full well that energy work does indeed support the body in releasing all kinds of toxins, but I still asked the question, “How is this possible?” I immediately saw the answer in my minds eye. The energy work removes any life-force or energy from the toxin, and it becomes “dead” and harmless because there is no “essence” or energy or life-force to it, (positive or negative) and the body can physically stop fighting it or chasing it and just flush it out with it’s normal various processes. Think of it, everything that exists on some level has energy at the core of each and every atom that it contains. We call it an electron. An electron acts as a sort of battery.

smoldering and ember gray coals and ashes from an extinct campfire.

I don’t know that I ever considered toxins as having a “life-force”, but it makes sense, because all things having some level of “intelligence” or life force energy in it, even single celled organisms, and even man made things, like chemicals. Something has to “bring life” to it, energize it, and when you pull the plug, it becomes lifeless, harmless.

In fact, there is an even better example. It is the idea of “burning off” the energy of that toxin. When the energy of a piece of wood is exhausted, what is left? Ash. And in that form it can easily be washed or brushed away.

I know that technically, wood ash would still contain atoms with electrons at the core, but for the sake of metaphors, this is more about the change of a piece of wood and the transformation from a block of solid wood into a small pile of ashes.

I have found in doing energy work there are many forms of toxins. The most obvious would be toxic metals like mercury or aluminum, and there are obvious environmental toxins like pesticides and herbicides. There are pathogenic bacterial, fungal, and viral toxins, mutations of healthy molecules (usually proteins) that act as toxins in the body. There are recreational and medicinal toxins from drugs and food additives, and a whole section of electromagnetic toxins, all of which interfere with the body being able function and thrive when overloaded. Even excess levels of hormones in the body, say, cortisol from excessive stress, or estrogen even, can become ‘toxins’ in the body.

That seems to be the key. The body generally is REALLY GOOD at dealing with toxins that it is faces with. There are several build in detoxification pathways that can be used. But when the body gets overloaded, those pathways become ineffective, or overloaded and can’t keep up. Often, that’s when the body will opt to quarantine what it can’t address, and so those toxins go into safe places (fat, and sometimes even bone) to protect the organs and healthy body tissues.

Which is why using energy work to burn off the energy of toxins can be very helpful and supportive if you are dealing with illness, slow recover from illness, or unexplainable symptoms that leave you feeling tired, wiped out, and drained.

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