Personalized Support Audio

The Personalized Support Audio is designed just for you. Any area of “stuck-ness” or desire can be improved and shifted.  These audios are designed to help you release energetic and emotional imbalances, balance energy and body systems, and shift mindfulness patterns to help you thrive.


A personalized set of audio tracks to release Energy and Emotional blocks, balance energy and body systems, and ease into mindfulness affirmations specifically tailored for you and your needs.

After purchase, you will be contacted by email, text, or phone (your choice) to get information on what you would like the topic of your support audio to be.

Then I complete a remote energy session to gather information from your energy system for beliefs, programs, and emotional & energetic imbalances contributing to the issue you are desiring assistance with and create affirmations to support a lasting shift you desire.

The audio tracks include background music and the set includes 5 audio tracks.  Included in the files will be:

Track 1: Introduction
Track 2: Releasing Blocks
Track 3: Openness
Track 4: Desires
Track 5: Affirmations
Album Image for adding as album art manually (for those who know how to do that).


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