Designed to Thrive Podcast | Episode #4

Yellow caution tape warning sign to stay out and keep back from dangerous area being investigated

I have never been tortured, ever, and where this fear of torture came from is a question I’ve had for a very long time. This episode of working on weight took me down a surprising path. As such, I’m posting a Potential Trigger Warning: be aware of and know your limits, honoring your body’s signals as you come along today so you can stay regulated while tapping and releasing emotion and energy.

I recorded this episode about two weeks previous to its release, and in reflecting on the outcome, it has definitely been effective as far as my fear of torture goes. I’m being patient with the weight aspect, and I know that 2020-now has definitely dredged up the bottom of the lake to heal things that have been easy to ignore and things I didn’t even know were there and affecting me. I already have another podcast for weight that I know I need to do surrounding the topic of food scarcity, sponsored by the food and product shortages that started in 2020, and now include inflation for food prices as well as the shortages that are being experiences in certain areas. So watch for that episode next.

In the mean time, feel free to come with me and release any potential fears of torture, or whatever other places your body guide you to release, as we unfold episode 4.

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