Let’s be authentic here, (the world is so very hungry for authenticity, for real vulnerability), not from a space of fear and neediness, but from a place of “I know who I am and I’m going to be real because it’s who I AM and I am acceptable exactly as I am, not because it’s who I think I need to be to be acceptable to anyone else.”

That kind of authenticity, that’s where the world changes, even if it’s only your world. After all, your world is the most important one.  It’s where YOU exist. Where you spend all your time.  It’s full of thoughts and emotions that create the world you experience.

But I digress, I’m getting ahead of myself. Authentic.  Right.

Today I am incredibly nervous, even anxious, about how to start this new endeavor, a new career, and wanting myself to be authentic, because I’m certain it’s what you are looking for,  but more importantly, it’s what I’m needing for me to be.

So this new career, I’m super excited that maybe, just maybe you might learn something that helps your life be better because of this new life I am creating for me, because it affects you. Within myself I can feel the: “I can do this!!” (It reminds me of a favorite childhood story about the little engine that could, and reminds me that I’m in a place of hopeful encouragement of myself.) 

So, why am I excited that what I share might help your life be better? Because everything I’ve learned these past several years has truly changed my life for the better, and I know it’s going to continue improving! Not to mention I have used the very tools I want to share with you to help myself not feel completely and utterly overwhelmed and scared to death for my first “professional” blog post, which is how I felt two weeks ago when I realized I was really moving forward with this endeavor!

As I was considering what to write for this first post, now that I’m just a little nervous instead of scared out of my mind that there will be a million people who leave mean comments or worse, that no one will EVER even see it, I thought of all the things I could share and wished I could just do a “Brain dump”. 

Unfortunately for me, but probably fortunate for you, that’s not an option, and rather than having a nice and tidy transfer of everything I’ve learned and now understand that can be instantly understood by you without saying or writing a word, what I would really be doing trying to use words, videos, and links from years of learning, applying, and practicing, would equate to nothing less than “information vomit”. Now that’s a rather unpleasant thought. 

Besides, for most people, major transformations and “brain-dumps” aren’t what they need. They need the little tweaks, baby steps over time that stick. The ability to make progress without becoming overwhelmed, with some occasional exciting leaps and bounds. Time to adjust to the “new normal” and then start again.

So instead of all that unpleasantness, I’ll breath a few deep belly breaths, and quiet my mind of all the things that want to come out and play, and move into my inner wisdom and start with this, because for me it’s where it all started:  

Your thoughts are incredibly powerful.

The very first thing I can remember that made a change in my life was the day I recognized how negative my thoughts were, especially about myself. Not only were they incredibly negative about myself and my life, but I realized that I could not even look myself in the eyes in the mirror without feeling the tears well up and immediately needing to looking away. I am not sure how I knew that was not a good place to be, but I did. 

The thought came to my mind that it was important that I find positive things to say about myself, to which I answered the thought, “But that would be a lie…”, to which the thought responded, “No, the thoughts you are currently having are the lies, you’ve just been listening for so long you believe it’s the truth. You are believing the lies, and it’s time to start believing the truth again.”

I was so surprised at this possibility and had never considered the thoughts in my mind might be lies. 

I suddenly noticed all those negative thoughts, and even though I didn’t fully believe the positive counter-thought I placed in my mind immediately after, I knew I had to do it. 

Looking back, it was a great place to start. Fast forward all these many years later and there are many who now teach about the power of our thoughts and the importance of becoming a master of our own mind. Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Bruce Lipton are just a few of them.

So the challenge this next couple of weeks is to notice your thoughts.  Listen to them.  What are they saying?  Do those thoughts actually make it into the words you say to or about yourself?  The first step is to notice.  Once you notice, find the opposite, the kind truth that doesn’t feel true right now.  

Turn “I don’t have any gifts or talents” into “I might not know what my gifts and talents are right now, but I have them”.

Turn “I’m so fat and disgusting” into “I am a child of God and I have infinite worth and potential”.

It’s kind of a twist on the little engine that could, instead of saying “I think I can” it’s focusing on “I think I am” and rediscovering the truth that has been buried in all the lies that we thought were true.

If you notice a particular negative thought come up for you that you don’t know how to turn around, shoot me an email.  I’m happy to help you through it, because you are worthy of knowing what is true about you.  

I look forward to hearing from you!

All my love, and Be Well…